“Thank you for helping me learn about your product through my questions and and actually using the product. I love how the mattress cover is made. I found that I didn’t feel as warm / hot while I slept. I am still working on the pillow. I have several on my bed...


“Best sleep I have had in years! The alpaca mattress pad is so comfortable, I just want to stay in bed and enjoy!! The alpaca duvet is lightweight, luxurious and warm.”

Pat Spencer

“What can I say — except we LOVE the queen pillows and winter king duvet we ordered! If you have any trouble sleeping, all you need it to be covered in Alpaca!! We have found that no one can resist its comfort. Once you are near it, you are bound to fall...


“Yes! Started using the mattress pad. Very, very nice. Really checked out the quality of the product and we were thoroughly impressed. Extremely well done. Kind of confused though, for the past two nights my husband hasn’t snored at all. So either...


“Thank you for shipping our 3 mattress pads. We purchased one last year and realized that we needed one for every bed in our home. Will never sleep without one! Why would our guest be any different?”