Care Instructions

Follow these care instructions for years of life from your Alpaca Bedding Co. products. Furthermore, always cover your duvet with a duvet cover. Duvet covers are available at most department stores.

Duvets and Mattress Pads need only be washed after years of service. However, your Duvet or Mattress Pad can be washed. Follow the instructions below in the event of an accident or if you feel the need to wash:

  1. Fill a tub with tepid water and a mild no rinse detergent.  Then, submerge sections of the duvet / mattress pad into the tub and gently wash.  Do not agitate, as this will cause the fiber to felt.  After a mild wash, express excess water of each section.  Lay flat outside in the sun.  You will be amazed at how quickly the product dries.
  2. Products may be shipped for cleaning.  Please call for cleaning pricing. General range is $40.00 – $80.00 plus shipping.