“Thank you for helping me learn about your product through my questions and and actually using the product.

I love how the mattress cover is made. I found that I didn’t feel as warm / hot while I slept.

I am still working on the pillow. I have several on my bed and are moving all throughout the night so I’ll need more time on that 🙂 Do love the blue linen case.”


“Best sleep I have had in years!
The alpaca mattress pad is so comfortable, I just want to stay in bed and enjoy!! The alpaca duvet is lightweight, luxurious and warm.”


“We love the duvet. It keeps us very warm during the cold New Hampshire winter.”

Pat Spencer

“What can I say — except we LOVE the queen pillows and winter king duvet we ordered! If you have any trouble sleeping, all you need it to be covered in Alpaca!! We have found that no one can resist its comfort. Once you are near it, you are bound to fall asleep. Not sure why — but I like it!!
Alpaca Bedding was wonderful, so considerate about not shipping during inclement weather wanting to ensure everything arrived in perfect condition — and it did! Thank you so much! Loved all of your “special” touches too!
Looking forward to my next purchase!”


“Yes! Started using the mattress pad. Very, very nice. Really checked out the quality of the product and we were thoroughly impressed. Extremely well done. Kind of confused though, for the past two nights my husband hasn’t snored at all. So either he’s still snoring and I’m sleeping so soundly that I’m not hearing him any more or he’s really sleeping quite well and the snoring has ceased. THANK GOD FOR ALPACA! Don’t care why he’s not snoring (unless he’s dead – that has been an ongoing “threat”) but so grateful to actually sleep. It has been a true blessing.”


“Thank you for shipping our 3 mattress pads. We purchased one last year and realized that we needed one for every bed in our home. Will never sleep without one! Why would our guest be any different?”


“Thank you for the quick shipping of our king size alpaca mattress pad. Our original alpaca mattress pad got ruined by our dry cleaners a month ago, believe this we had a terrible time sleeping in our bed without it. I am a true believer of this mattress pad and we will never be without one on our bed.”


The duvet we purchased was of the winter weight. It is being used in Northwest Wisconsin. It replaced a very heavy comforter. This Duvet is much warmer, but light (not Heavy). When first getting under the duvet it is warm instantly. Your skin feels warm against the duvet right away. It truly like sleeping under a CLOUD. And best of all it breathes- You do not overheat under it. Thank You for manufacturing this product.


“Kim who is a very discerning customer was thrilled with her alpaca pillows and queen mattress pad. Alpaca is Kim’s go to fiber and she has said the pad is beautifully constructed with a fine quality fabric cover, but most of all the alpaca within is Divine! The pillows are lofty and soft. We highly recommend Alpaca Bedding for their quality products and amazing customer service.  Alpaca Bedding is number one in our book! “