You have a choice of weights to accommodate your living style….  Summer or Winter Weight.  Remember that alpaca has a natural wicking characteristic that helps to keep an even body temperature through sleep.

Queen Size Duvets are 90″ x 90″
King Size Duvets are 108″ x 90″

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Materials used in our Alpaca Bedding products:

  1. We use a 600 thread count 100% cotton covering to keep the Batting contained.
  2. The Batting consists of 70% Alpaca and 30% Merino Wool.

Reason:  The Alpaca Fiber has a slick hollow shaft.  The Wool Fiber has barbs on its shaft.  Without this combination, the slick Alpaca Fiber might migrate within the product.  The Duvets and Mattress Pads are also hand tied throughout as an additional measure to keep the Batting in place.

We are also very proud to give you a 100% American Handmade product.