The Alpaca Bedding Co.

Our duvets are exquisitely hand made!

“Sweet dreams are made of alpaca”

Aches and pains?  Cold  or hot while sleeping? Are you finally ready for an ethereal nights rest? Consider alpaca for your peaceful slumber!  See what discerning people are talking about.

Alpaca Bedding Co.  products feature a white 600 thread count cotton fabric covering.   Batting is 70% white alpaca fleece and 30% fine white wool.  Both alpaca and wool come from animals raised in the United States.  Since alpaca fiber has a slick exterior to the shaft, we combined high quality wool to prevent movement of the fiber within the duvets, mattress pads and pillows.

Each duvet and mattress pad is hand knotted for permanence and durability.  The sewing is done by professional seamstresses who specialize in bedding.

The end results are products we are proud to deliver to all of our scrutinizing customers.

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The Alpaca Bedding Co. is a subsidiary of Atlantic Breeze Alpacas.  Ten years of breeding and raising alpacas prompted us to search for an end product that could be enjoyed by all.  Since the alpaca fiber has so many healthy attributes, bedding seemed a natural!

We offer:

  • Summer & Winter weight Duvets
  • Mattress Pads
  • Standard & Travel Pillows
  • Bed Scarves
  • Eye Aromatherapy Pillows

Our criteria:

  • Hand made bedding from 100% USA materials.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship on every product.
  • Inventory ready to ship
  • Superior casing to keep fiber from migrating

We ask you to compare. We know you will be pleased with The Alpaca Bedding Co.

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