Care Instructions

  • Duvets should be covered with a duvet cover.
  • Duvets need to be washed only after several years of use.

Fill a tub with tepid water and mild no rinse detergent.  Submerge sections of the duvet or mattress pad into the tub and gently wash with a new toilet plunger. Express excess water of each section and continue until all had been cleaned. Lay flat to dry outside in the sun.

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Kim who is a very discerning customer was thrilled with her alpaca pillows and queen mattress pad. Alpaca is Kim’s go to fiber and she has said the pad is beautifully constructed with a fine quality fabric cover, but most of all the alpaca within is Divine! The pillows are lofty and soft. We highly recommend Alpaca Bedding for their quality products and amazing customer service. Sandra has been a joy with whom to work. Alpaca Bedding is number one in our book!


  • Shipping Information: One duvet, mattress pad or set of pillows = $60.00
  • Payment Information: We accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover, PayPal through online catalog or call 910-262-7770 to order by phone.
  • Warranty: Product may be returned in original condition within 7 days of receipt for full refund.